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75 Best DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Pull Together Scary Quick

Score major scare points with these homemade Halloween decor ideas.

By Corinne Sullivan and Kate Franke
diy halloween decorations haunted archway
Rebecca Greenfield

Get into the Halloween spirit with DIY decorations you can make at home! We’ve compiled a list of 75 spook-tacular DIY Halloween decorations for you to start crafting right now. Luckily, there’s plenty of time before the big day, so you can take on as many DIYs as you’d like. They range in difficulty from easy Halloween crafts (such as supernatural paper lanterns), to impressive, but more advanced creations (like PVC pipe candles). So, whether you’re new to making DIY decor or you're a seasoned veteran, there’s something for you to tangibly tackle and enjoy.

After creating these DIY holiday decorations, you may feel inspired to host a Halloween party and show off your masterpieces. Friends and family can attend in costume whether you throw a ghoulish Halloween dinner party or a chilling trivia night. Don’t be surprised if they ask where you bought your decor. Take it as your time to shine and say, “I made it myself!”

The best thing about homemade decor is that very few people have the same pieces as you. And even if they do, it’s easy to personalize and make a craft your own. This will ensure that your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations stand out as the scariest, spookiest, most creative decor of all.


Shadow Pumpkins

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2020 shadow pumpkins
mike garten

Create your own "woman in white." Print an image of a silhouette onto paper, cut it out, then paint the silhouette black or white. Tape the image to the pumpkin using double-sided tape. Attach lace trim with double-sided tape or glue to form a frame around the silhouette.

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Bat Garland

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2022 cork bat garland
mike garten

Go bat crazy, and hang this cute garland! Cut out bat wings and ears from black construction paper, and glue onto cork stoppers. Then glue on googly eyes. Push greening pins into the bottom of cork stoppers, and thread a ribbon through to hang.

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Pumpkin Planters

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2022 pumpkin planters
Danielle Daly

Give your jack-o'-lantern a silly hairdo with plants! After carving a funny face into the pumpkin, create eyeballs by gluing lentils onto almonds. Then attach them to the pumpkin with dress pins. Place a battery-powered tea light inside the pumpkin, and cover it with a clear bowl. Set your plant on top of the clear bowl, so it sticks out the top of the pumpkin.

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Bloody Lantern

diy halloween decor womans day october 2019 bloody lanterns
mike garten

Make Edgar Allen Poe proud with this The Raven-esque craft. Outline drops of blood on the opening of a lantern in red marker, and fill in with red glass paint.

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Snail Statue

diy halloween decor womans day october 2020 snail statue
mike garten

Gary, is that you? Turn a pumpkin on its side, and carve a hole large enough to clean out the inside. This will help the pumpkin sit flat. Draw a double-walled spiral around the stem with a marker, and cut it out. Chop off the bottom of the butternut squash to sit flat. Glue googly eyes onto ping pong balls. Using an X-Acto knife, cut a small x into the bottom of each ping pong ball. Stuff a pipe cleaner into the x, and secure the pipe cleaner to the squash using hot glue.

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Boo-It-Yourself Ghosts

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2022 boo it yourself ghosts
Danielle Daly

Talk about an easy craft! Blow up white balloons. Cut out three ovals from black card stock for the ghost's eyes and mouth. Attach them to the white balloon with dots of glue. Tape white streamers to the base of the balloon.

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Embellished Pumpkins

diy halloween decorations womans day november 2022 embellished pumpkins
Brian Woodcock

Repurpose them for Thanksgiving too! Hot glue lace appliques and cotton trim to the ridges of pumpkins or gourds.

RELATED: Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

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Ghostly Garland

diy halloween decor womans day october 2020 ghost garland
mike garten

Glowing ghosts? Oh my! Pierce a hole on top of ping pong balls, and draw a face on the front in black marker. Dip squares of cheesecloth into mod podge, and cover the ping pong balls. Let dry, and poke string light bulbs into each ping pong ball hole.

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Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2021 peek a boo pumpkin
Antonis Achilleos

It's like a Russian nesting doll made of pumpkins! Cut off the top 1/3 of the pumpkin, and hollow out the center. Halfway down the pumpkin, cut a small hole on either side, and push the skeleton arms in. For the smaller pumpkin, trace the outline of two plastic eyes onto the pumpkin using a marker. Then hollow out the eye cavities with a melon baller, and place the plastic eyes inside. Snap off the stem of the smaller pumpkin and carve a mouth. Insert wood skewers into the top and bottom of the small pumpkin, placing it inside the larger pumpkin. Push those same skewers into both pieces of the orange pumpkin to secure. Arrange the skeleton hands, so they rest atop the stemmed lid.

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Bottle Faces

diy halloween decorations mini glass milk bottles with faces
Steve Giralt

Whether they're used for decoration or for serving drinks, these cute bottles are sure to delight.

Get the Bottle Faces template.

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Fang-tastic Bats

diy halloween decor womans day october 2020 fang tastic bats
mike garten

Need spooky desk decor? Paint a mini pumpkin with black acrylic paint and two pumpkin seeds with white acrylic paint. Add a touch of red paint to the pumpkin seeds to make the fangs. Cut ears and wings out of black card stock. Then glue the pumpkin seed fangs, wings, ears, and googly eyes to the pumpkin.

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Candy Corn Orbs

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2022 candy corn orbs
Antonis Achilleos

If you're not a fan of eating candy corn, use it for decorations! Hot glue the yellow end to a styrofoam sphere, and set the orb atop a planter to display.

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Pinup Pumpkin

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2022 pinup pumpkin
Danielle Daly

No carving here, folks! Push white pins into a pumpkin in the shape of a ghost. Overlap pins to prevent the orange from peeking through. If pins struggle to stay, apply hot glue to keep them in place. Use a black marker to draw on a ghost face. Accessorize with a jewelry chain for added ghoulishness.

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Broom Garland

diy halloween decorations womans day november 2022 broom garland
mike garten

Now, this is chic decor! Form small bundles of dried wheat. Trim the stems so all of the pieces are relatively the same length then wrap the stems with embroidery thread. Tie the end of the thread to a piece of twine to make the garland.

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Mystery Treat Pumpkins

diy halloween decor womans day october 2020 mystery treat pumpkins
mike garten

These also make for great party favors! Fill clear plastic ornaments with candy. Using a brush-tip Sharpie, draw patterns on orange tissue paper. Wrap the paper around the ornaments, and twist the ends into a stem. Cut out leaves from green construction paper, and secure the stem and leaves with green washi tape. Draw faces on the pumpkins with a brush-tip Sharpie, and arrange in a bowl to display.

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Mad Science Bottles

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2019 mad science
mike garten

Reuse these bottles for various holidays by relabeling! Spray paint glass bottles, and let dry. Print spooky labels, cut them to size, and attach them to bottles using double-sided tape.

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Gourd-geous Candleholders

diy halloween decorations womans day november 2022 gourdgeous candleholders
James Baigre

Make the perfect fall centerpiece! Snap off the stem of a small to medium-sized gourd. Place a tea light candle where the stem used to be, and cover with a hurricane glass. Secure the glass in place with greening pins.

RELATED: Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces

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Spooky Paper Bags

diy halloween decor womans day october 2020 spooky paper bags
mike garten

Line your sidewalk or deck with these creepy paper lanterns! Print off supernatural images, and cut them to fit on the front of paper bags. Secure the images with tape and place a battery-powered tea light inside.

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Pumpkin Family

diy halloween decor womans day october 2019 pumpkin family
mike garten

Instead of scary decor, go the funny route! Fill clear glasses and vases with candy. Decorate small to medium-sized pumpkins with rick rack, googly eyes, buttons, and more to make silly faces and outfits. Use hot glue and tape to attach.

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Watchful Eyes

diy halloween decorations womans day october 2020 watchful eyes
mike garten

Keep a watchful eye while you're away! Draw a pupil and veins on two ping pong balls with colored markers. Then use an X-Acto knife to cut a small x on the bottom of each ball. Place the balls on top of battery-powered tea lights to illuminate.

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