Hauling boxes up from the basement and dusting off the same holiday decorations you’ve been hanging for the past decade doesn’t exactly scream “Season’s Greetings.” Sure, you’ll want to use the sentimental ornaments and serving plates passed down for generations, but beyond those must-haves, your decor should modernize alongside you. This year, it’s time to freshen things up. Christmas Tree Shops’ (CTS) ever-changing selection, surprising finds, and big bargains make it easy to liven up your seasonal decor without breaking the bank, plus there are locations in 20 states for when you feel that must-get-festive-fast urge. Keep reading for some inspirational decorating tips, along with a few recipe ideas that pair well with your chic new atmosphere.

Go for glitter

When it comes to your yard display, sometimes, less is more. You don’t have to cause the entire neighborhood to lose power while everyone’s main courses are in the oven just to make a statement. Instead, evoke the snowy spirit with few well-placed, sophisticated elements. Think sparkly reindeer, frosted trees, and colored accents on your bows and wreaths. Whichever you select, Christmas Tree Shops has you covered—even if you decide bigger is better after all.

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Dennis Mosner

Play with natural elements in the entryway

A festive foyer welcomes visitors, hopefully with homemade pies in hand, from the moment they step inside and they’re surrounded by the sights and smells of the season. This year, bring a little of the outside in with a nature-inspired theme. Think pinecone- and berry-studded garlands, overflowing baskets of evergreen boughs, and a small hallway tree. (You can never have too many tannenbaums.) If you don’t live in a magical forest where you can forage all of these elements yourself, browsing through the aisles of your local Christmas Tree Shops will deliver that same cheery feeling. You’ll find a variety of outdoorsy pieces to create your own winter woodland.

After the season’s over, Christmas Tree Shops can help you ease into spring with its selection bed/bath, kitchen/dining, gifts, and more.

Lighten up your tablescape

Christmas Day calls for a cheery brunch. This year, trade out traditional, bold-colored decor for florals and pastel hues. Create a soft, enchanting vibe with new flatware and glassware, napkins. If you’re content with the pieces you already have, swap out an accent or two for something new. You’ll be surprised how quickly a new runner can bring about a new glow.

Offset your subtle design with big flavors and bright colors in the form of a smoked salmon frittata or shakshuka, served alongside plenty of fresh fruit, and of course, bottomless mimosas.

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Get creative with your mantel

There are tons of ways to spruce up the Christmas mantel, from incorporating personalized touches to adding unexpected pops of color. Fill a clear vase with your favorite ornaments to make a shockingly simple focal point.

Dried citrus makes for a colorful accent that smells great, too. While you’re picking up those ornaments, grab a new baking sheet at your local Christmas Tree Shops. Slice up some blood oranges, lemon, and grapefruit if it’s in season near you. Place them on the baking sheet in the oven at 250°F for three hours, checking on them every 20 minutes and flipping halfway through. Once they’re cooked, carefully poke holes in the fruit, then string them together into a fragrant homemade garland—after you’ve poked the holes, even Santa’s littlest helper can pitch in on the project.

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Highlight your home’s best features

No need to cover your walls in sticky hooks, tape, and putty. Chances are, your house is already brimming with design potential. Try hanging ornaments from your light fixture for a Christmas candelabra, swap out everyday pillow covers for some that are seasonally appropriate, or wrap garland (store-bought or citrus) around your staircase banister. Practicality has never looked this spirited, nor has your banister ever gotten this many compliments.

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Dennis Mosner
dennis mosner
Dennis Mosner

Embrace winter’s full color palette

Finally, it’s important to remember to think outside of the red-and-green box. There are so many seasonal shades to consider—that just happen to be prime for photo shoots—including frosty and festive powder blues, whites, grays, silvers, and more.

And, as long as you’re moving away from the traditional, why not try some alternative dishes? Swap out a classic ham for something your family and friends won’t see coming. Slow-cooked ribs, butter-roasted halibut, and baked kale salad are all cozy options for a chilly Christmas eve.

Despite its name, CTS is much more than Christmas. It’s the place to get your home ready for every holiday, season, and occasion. Find your local Christmas Tree Shops and get your home holiday ready.

From: Delish US