You don't have to turn on the TV to spend Christmas with the Griswolds this year! Thanks to this Christmas Vacation-themed ceramic village, you can relive the goofiest scenes of your favorite Christmas movie right at home.

Yes, there's really an entire collection of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation figurines and structures to be had over on Amazon, and as you might expect, they're selling fast. The centerpiece is a hand-painted "Griswold Holiday House" complete with a snowy roof, a wreath-covered front door, and twinkling Christmas lights that flash just as, er, frenetically as you'd expect them to. It'd make for a hilarious addition to any Christmas mantel.

Of course, judging from the number of exclamation points on each Amazon review, fans have already figured out all of this—and they're excited, to say the least.

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Christmas Vacation Griswold Holiday House

Christmas Vacation Griswold Holiday House

Christmas Vacation Griswold Holiday House

Now 36% Off
$144 at Amazon$223 at Walmart$165 at Macy's

The house looks beautiful all on its own, but as with any ceramic village, the Christmas Vacation scene isn't complete without a few accessories. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from: a Clark Griswold figurine that'll have your friends in stitches, a three-inch tall Cousin Eddie (bathrobe and all), and a "Freezing Our Baguettes Off" vignette that showcases the entire family gathering to watch Clark turn on the lights, to name just a few. There's also an artful depiction of Clark handing the tangled string lights to Rusty, a ceramic camper, and the now-legendary Christmas Vacation car.

Whether you mix and match these pieces with your existing village collections or let them have the spotlight all to themselves, we guarantee your Christmas party guests will get a good laugh out of them—that is, if they aren't too busy trying to buy the figurines off you.

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Griswold Holiday House
Department 56 Griswold Holiday House
Now 36% Off
Cousin Eddie's RV
Department 56 Cousin Eddie's RV
Now 37% Off
The Griswold Family Tree
Department 56 The Griswold Family Tree
Now 36% Off
Griswold Sled Shack
Department 56 Griswold Sled Shack
Now 44% Off
Buying a Tree
Department 56 Buying a Tree
Griswold Garage
Department 56 Griswold Garage
Now 48% Off
Clark and Rusty
Department 56 Clark and Rusty
Fire It Up Dad!
Department 56 Fire It Up Dad!
Now 19% Off
Shocking Clark Figurine
Department 56 Shocking Clark Figurine
Clark Trims the Tree
Department 56 Clark Trims the Tree
Now 28% Off
Cousin Eddie in the Morning
Department 56 Cousin Eddie in the Morning
Now 28% Off
Moose Mug Figurine
Department 56 Moose Mug Figurine
Now 38% Off
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